Home Remedies To Treat And Prevent Earache

Home Remedies To Treat And Prevent Earache

Although for most of the people earache is just a bad childhood memory, it can be an accompanying symptom of nose or throat infections even in adulthood. Thanks to some natural ingredients that are found at your home, you can do a lot to alleviate the pain and help recovery.


Breastfeeding has crucial importance in preventing earache in adulthood. Breast milk includes antibodies and other immune-enhancing substances – a mother with a newborn should breastfeed her baby for at least three months to reduce the chance of future ear infections.

 Avoid second-hand smoke as spending a lot of time in smokey places can lead to Eustachian tube inflammation. Eat healthily and strengthen your immune system by consuming foods like garlic, lemon, honey and carrot. Taking vitamin E and flavonoid supplements also helps.

How To Cure An Earache

  • Essential oils are really helpful to ease earache pain – you can rub a small amount around the ear or inhale them in vapour form. Add five drops of lavender oil and five drops of camomile oil to half a litre of hot water and inhale for 10 minutes. To treat your neck and ear areas mix two spoonfuls of almond oil and three drops of camomile oil.
  • Earache feels worse at night – when your body is in horizontal position the ear tubes can’t drain and may get blocked.  Try sleeping with your head in an elevated position – place an extra support under the painful side of your head so that the Eustachian tube opens up more easily, which helps your ear to discharge off fluid.
  • Fill up either a small cotton bag or one of your unused socks with some spoonfuls of table salt. Warm it up in the oven, but be careful not to make it too hot. You should apply it on the affected ear until it cools.

 If there’s no improvement in your earache within some days or it’s accompanied by a fever ask for help from a doctor or another health professional.